Maps of Crack Infested Streets By Denver Tourist Attractions


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Capitol Hill Murders

   In downtown's Civic Center Park, just in front of the Capitol Building a man is stabbed and later dies after an altercation.

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   A large fight breaks out on the streets of East Colfax and shots are fired, one man is killed.

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   A man is shot and killed in an ally of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood just three blocks from the historic Unsinkable Molly Brown house.

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   Fight with passer buy leads to homicide

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More Crimes on Capitol Hill Confirmed With the DPD

   1470 Grant Street, head trauma from severe beating - later died, ruled homicide 3/15/04

   1291 Pearl Street (7-11) drug bust gun pulled on police (resulted in Public Nuisance action), May, 2004

   Assault - 1400 block of Penn., July, 2004

   1309 Grant - overdose, 2 dead, July 18, 2004

   1355 Pearl - shots fired, .45 caliber shell found. August 2, 2004

   Wash/Pearl alley - 1200 block. While smoking crack a man is shot August 3, 2004

   Car jacking - 14th and Penn. October, 2004

Unconfirmed Missing Dates
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   1346 Logan - drug bust

   1400 block of Penn - rape

   12th and Pearl - shooting, one dead, one injured

   12th and Clarkson, two women bludgeoned to death.

   1346 Logan - dead body in alley

   1275 Pearl Street - shooting one person sent to hospital.

Maps Crack Dealing Streets

Maps of Denver Crack Streets

In downtown Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood there are a core set of streets where Crack dealers openly buy, sell and smoke crack cocaine on the streets. This area is next to some of the city's most historic sights and tourist attractions.

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Map Of Tourist Attractions in Denver, Molly Brown House

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